First-Year Students

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Admission Requirements

A holistic approach to the admission process

In addition to GPA and SAT or ACT scores, our admission committee weighs many factors during the course of the application process, including classroom performance, rigor of high school curriculum, quality of essays and recommendations, extracurricular activities, talents, character and life experiences. But what's most important for you to know is that your application will be considered individually, on its own merit.

Minimum high school course requirements include:
    - 4 units of English 
    - 3 units of math (algebra I, II, geometry) 
    - 3 units of social science 
    - 3 units of science (of which 2 must be lab science) 
    - 2 consecutive units of foreign language  

Standardized Test Requirements
Official SAT or ACT scores (Please note SMU does not require the SAT essay or the ACT writing test.)
SAT Subject Test scores are recommended for some home-school students. Please click here for more information.

Auditions and Portfolios
If you plan to major or minor in music, dance, or theater, your audition is a requirement for admission. If you plan to major in Studio Art or Film and Media Arts (B.F.A. only), your portfolio submission is a requirement for admission.   

Self-reporting of Standardized Test Scores to SMU

When will SMU begin accepting self-reported standardized test scores?

SMU will begin accepting self-reported standardized test scores in fall 2018 for the current academic year and beyond.

When do I provide SMU my official test scores?

Official test scores are required at the time of enrollment.

How do I report self-reported test scores on The Common Application and on the MyCoalition Application?

Enter your test scores on the testing page of the application.

How do I report self-reported test scores on the ApplyTexas application?

You will not be prompted to enter your test scores on the ApplyTexas application. Once you submit the application, you will be able to self-report your scores using the form on your personalized application status page.

How do I submit new self-reported scores after I have submitted my application?

After your application has been submitted, you can submit additional self-reported scores through your personalized application status page.

Will SMU accept test scores from my high school transcript as official scores?


What are the other ways to provide official test scores to SMU?

Official scores can be provided by the testing agency or by an applicant’s high school counselor. We will also accept as official the scores reported on a high school transcript.

Is SMU accepting self-reported transcripts/grades?

No, not at this time.

Is SMU accepting self-reported scores other than those for the ACT and the SAT?

No. Only ACT and SAT scores will be accepted as self-reported scores. This excludes the TOEFL and IELTS.

Superscoring the ACT at SMU

An ACT superscore is a new final composite score that is made up of your best individual section scores across all ACT tests you took. The average of these best individual section scores is calculated to create a brand-new composite ACT score. Writing is not counted.

When will SMU begin using an ACT superscore for admission decisions?

It begins in fall 2018 for the current academic year and beyond.

Should I report a superscore that I have calculated?

SMU strongly recommends that students provide all ACT results from each testing administration and allow SMU to calculate the superscore.

What does SMU need to officially superscore my ACT?

We will need results from each sitting of the ACT to be able to superscore. For example, if three different ACT testings get you to your superscore, we will need at the time of enrollment the results from each of your three testing administrations.

Does SMU superscore the SAT?

Yes. This practice has been in place for several years.

For a complete checklist of application requirements, please click here.