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Diversity at SMU

For more than 100 years, SMU Mustangs have made great strides in ensuring that our university community is reflective of the larger world we are called to serve. The Mustang family consists of individuals of different races, ethnicities, religions and political and social identities. Those differences represent unique cultures to which each of us belongs. 

University programs that support respect for diversity begin at student orientation, when student leaders present vignettes on social issues. For the past decade, the Office of Social Change and Intercultural Engagement has led a presentation and group sessions on our campus community pledge: “Every Mustang Will Be Valued.”

Our culture of respect and inclusiveness is also strengthened by the SMU Campus Cultural Intelligence Initiative. The mission of CIQ@SMU is to make cultural intelligence part of the DNA of our SMU community by touching every aspect of our institutional life, whether in the classroom, the Residential Commons, the office, or the fraternity or sorority house. CIQ@SMU is designed to ensure that every member of our campus is equipped to create, collaborate and implement innovative solutions to change the world, regardless of the background of those with whom they work.

Incoming students also commit to the SMU Values Statement, which was developed by student leaders: “I, as a citizen of the SMU community, commit myself to upholding the values of intellectual integrity, academic honesty, personal responsibility and sincere regard and respect for all SMU students, faculty and staff.”