Returning to the SMU Community

If you withdraw from SMU in good academic standing, your file will remain active for one year, and you may register as though in continuous enrollment at the University. If you left on probation, you will return on probation. All holds must be cleared prior to enrollment. Returning students are responsible for meeting all financial aid, housing and advising deadlines. After nonattendance for two regular (fall, spring) terms, students who formerly attended are required to apply for reactivation. Students who were suspended from SMU must apply for reinstatement.

If you intend to return to SMU, regardless of whether you are required to apply for reinstatement, you are encouraged to notify the appropriate University departments as soon as possible to ensure timely processing of enrollment, financial aid, housing and other documents.


If you attended any college or university after leaving SMU, you must forward official transcripts from each college or university attended since your last enrollment at SMU. If five years or more have elapsed since your last term of enrollment at SMU, you must also forward official transcripts from each college or university attended prior to SMU to the Division of Enrollment Services.

Transfer courses from another institution

Once you have matriculated at SMU, you may transfer up to 30 hours to SMU from an accredited, four year institution. Any course to be transferred must have the prior approval of the chair of the department and dean of the school at SMU that normally offers the course, the adviser and the student's dean. You must obtain these approvals before taking any such courses.

Petitions to attend another college or university during the summer must be completed and approved in advance to ensure that proper credit is awarded. Petition forms are available in the Undergraduate Offices. You are responsible for making sure that a transcript of all transfer work attempted is sent to the University registrar immediately following completion of the work. 

ALL post-matriculation transfer work must be completed at accredited, four-year institution. It is imperative that you petition ALL post-matriculation transfer courses PRIOR to enrollment in courses using the Undergraduate Petition for Advance Approval of Transfer Credit. Student can also complete/submit a paper version of this form here. Students who fail to get prior approval for transfer work have no assurances that they will receive credit for their courses.

Academic forgiveness

Any academic work taken 10 or more years prior to the term of admission or reinstatement may be forgiven, and excluded from your GPA calculation or hours earned to determine your eligibility for admission, academic probation, suspension, honors and graduation.

Name change

If your name has changed since your last enrollment at SMU, or if your name changes from the name submitted on your application for admission, you must provide your Social Security card or the form issued by the U.S. Social Security Administration. Without these documents, you cannot be enrolled under your new name. All grade reports, transcripts, and diplomas are issued only under your legal name as recorded by the University registrar.