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Start A Movement We educate visionary artists, scholars and communications professionals ready to make an impact on the world around them.

Challenge yourself to find your voice, hone your craft and make the world better.

At Meadows, you'll start creating on day one. You’ll do more than prepare for the future at Meadows—you’ll shape it in your first year. We challenge each student to develop his or her gifts to the highest level. We challenge students to find their unique voices and to develop the highest level of craftsmanship. While message and craft are the foundations of art, at Meadows we also practice entrepreneurship, outreach and engagement because they make an artist employable and relevant.



The Transformation of the Owen Arts Center

The Meadows renovation project has more than $30 million of funding to build modern academic environments for SMU’s artists to feel inspired. There will be new spaces for the visual arts, art history and creative computation.



Spring Dance Concert

March 23 – 26 This concert presents the same repertoire as the Meadows at the Winspear with the addition of a grand premier by Meadows Dance Artist-in-Residence Carter Alexander.

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Creative computing and creative technology are related but different disciplines. Creative computing centers on the use of computer science to create digital art and expression, while creative technology centers on leveraging technology to enhance and augment traditional forms of creative expression or to create new forms of physical art.

March 08, 2023

What are NFTs?


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged in recent years as a way of owning an original digital image, including photos, videos, audio files and other digital formats. It’s especially popular in the digital art world but has expanded into other collectibles such as trading cards, comic books, games and more.

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