Bachelor of Business Administration

  • BBA Admission Requirements –1st Year students entering in Fall 2020

    In order to be considered for admission into the Cox School of Business, students applying to SMU must indicate a business major as one of the academic interests on their application. Students must be admitted to the business school in order to pursue a business major. Admitted students will qualify as either a BBA Scholar or a Business Direct student. While both groups will be admitted to the business school, BBA Scholars also will receive a supplemental scholarship from the business school. Students will automatically be reviewed for the scholars program provided business is listed as their primary academic interest on their application and do not need to submit a separate application for the scholar program. 

    All applications will be processed through the main Admission office. Admission is highly selective, but holistic in nature with an emphasis on a student’s academic performance. Students will be notified if they have received admission into the Cox School of Business upon receipt of their acceptance to the University. If a student is not admitted to Cox, they are still eligible for acceptance to the University if they indicate a non-business academic interest on their application.

    In addition to GPA and SAT or ACT scores, the admission committee weighs many factors during the course of the application process, including classroom performance, rigor of high school curriculum, quality of essays and recommendations, and extracurricular activities.

    For students graduating high school spring 2019 and earlier, click here for admissions information.

  • SMU Application Deadlines

  • Transfers —High School Class of 2020 and after

    Students wishing to transfer to SMU and study business will need to apply to SMU indicating business as their primary academic interest. Business interested students will go through a separate holistic review process to determine if they will be granted admission into the Cox School of Business. Only a select number of spots each year will be available for transfer students.

    For students graduating high school spring 2019 and earlier, click here for admissions information >>

  • Internal Transfer Process

    Current SMU students who graduated high school spring 2020 and after, and seek to change their major to business, will need to apply through the BBA Admission office. The committee will review students each year for a select number of spots available in the Cox School of Business. The committee will weigh many factors including current GPA, courses taken, campus involvement, and a student’s initial application to SMU.

  • Financing Your BBA

  • Admission Events

    The best way to find out if Cox is the right school for you is to visit us in Dallas. You can schedule an information session and tour through the SMU Undergraduate Admission website— these are scheduled throughout the year and include a Cox Information Session. The Cox Information Session is offered Monday-Friday at 1:00 p.m. In the Fall, we offer our Cox Spotlight visit day that will give you an in-depth look into our undergraduate program. If you can't make it to Dallas, meet us on the road when we join the SMU Undergraduate Admission Office at programs in various cities. We'd love to meet you! 

    Feel free to contact Us in BBA Admission to help you plan your visit.