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  • Human Centered Design

    The Master of Arts in Design and Innovation (MADI) provides students an opportunity to learn about a human-centered design process, innovation frameworks, and creative confidence. The professional world is looking for innovation leaders. Learning these skills will provide students with an advantage in industry.




    Kate Canales - Human Centered Design
  • Control Systems

    Structures. Transportation. Medicine. Manufacturing.  In a wide range of industries, companies are increasingly in need of engineers who can take technology to the next level—who can transform ideas into hardware.
    SMU Lyle School of Engineering
  • Transform Power

    We live in a world increasingly reliant on electronic systems of ever-expanding capability. A world that, at the same time, must develop clean, sustainable ways to generate the electricity these innumerable devices require. It's a world that will be powered by engineering leaders shaped at SMU.
    SMU Lyle School of Engineering
  • Embed Evolution

    Computer technology is inextricably embedded in modern life.  From supercomputers predicting the path of a storm system to servers running an online superstore, to a chip-controlled application brewing a fresh cup of coffee—these evolving devices and systems touch every aspect of how we live and work.
    SMU Lyle School of Engineering
  • Signal Strength

    The convergence of communication and computer technologies is providing powerful ways to connect consumers, corporations and cultures-anytime and anywhere.  As the worldwide demand for spectrum, capacity, and access grows, so does the need for engineers specializing in telecommunications.
    SMU Lyle School of Engineering
  • Sustain Resources

    The developed world must find ways to sustain economic and technological progress without sacrificing ecological preservation. Our responses to these challenges depend on specialists who combine a knowledge of chemistry, biology, and other natural sciences with an engineering approach to solutions.
    SMU Lyle School of Engineering


 — research —

Great discoveries, from fundamental laws of nature to practical inventions, all have one thing in common: open minded thinking driven by a deep sense of curiosity. Research at Lyle School is driven by this basic premise. Faculty and students also work to solve real world problems by combining engineering and ingenuity with the fundamentals of physics and mathematics.

Center for Laser Aided Manufacturing

  —   institutes —

The Lyle School maintains a steadfast focus on using engineering to address important issues both at home and around the world. Check out the exciting activities taking place in our institutes:

Caruth Institute for Engineering Education
Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security
Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity

Embrey's Stemmons Atrium

   — centers 

The Lyle School of Engineering is the home to several centers focusing on research, academics and student development. Check out what they are doing:

Hart Center for Engineering Leadership
Center for Laser Aided Manufacturing
Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing


— our story —

At the Lyle School we are changing the way people think about engineers. Through innovation and hands-on experiences, we are attracting a diverse mix of talented students interested in making a difference in the world through engineering.

— our events —

— events —


6th through 12th grade Engineering Summer Camps