More Vaccines Coming to SMU Vaccination Site

SMU is receiving another round of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine for distribution to our University community through the vaccination site near the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center. Once again, all SMU faculty, staff and students are eligible.  

Vaccine Scheduling Now Available at SMU

It’s here! SMU is pleased to announce the campus is receiving an allotment of the COVID-19 vaccine for distribution to our University community. All SMU faculty, staff and students are eligible.  

Campus COVID 19 Updates Resources and Reminders

SMU may not have the vaccine on campus quite yet, but learn about the state’s expanded eligibility, how you can get the shot if you qualify through another provider and much more.  

SMU Continues Current Campus Safety Protocols for COVID-19

SMU will continue to follow our current guidelines requiring masks and social distancing on campus through the remainder of the Spring semester.  

SMU Releases New Vaccination Self-Reporting Survey

To assess the quantity and doses that best meet the needs of our campus, it is important to know how many people have already been vaccinated or are scheduled to get either a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson or the first and/or second doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.  

SMU Plans For Primarily in-Person Fall 2021 Semester

It is with high hopes that we enter 2021 expecting to move toward a primarily in-person fall semester at SMU. With the understanding that vaccinations for COVID-19 will be offered widely this spring, including on our own campus, we are planning to return to regular on-campus courses and activities by fall.  
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