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Hilltop Highlights

Kelvin Beachum

Pilgrimage Gift
SMU alumnus and New York Jets player Kelvin Beachum makes gift honoring his faculty mentor and SMU's annual Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

Nearly 50 SMU Cox School of Business graduate students traveled to Disney World to participate in a week-long program at the Disney Institute

SMU Adventures
Blogs by students and faculty about interesting people and places the world over.

William Joyce

Alumni News
It’s an extraordinary time to be a filmmaker, says alumnus William Joyce (’81). To create a successful career, hold on to your vision, be open to critique and outlast the naysayers.

Mustang Minute for Civil Rights Pilgrimage in Spring 2018

Mustang Minute Videos
SMU alum Kelvin Beachum has honored his former mentor with a gift of $100,000 to the annual Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

school classroom

Expanded Learning System
Dallas educational organizations, in collaboration with SMU, tap big data and shared expertise to create expanded learning information system.

Visioneering at SMU

Visioneering 2018
Visioneering annually brings together middle school students from across North Texas to engage with engineering concepts.  

Dallas Skyline

Opinions by SMU Professors
Opinions written by SMU professors that have appeared recently in various publications.

SMU Research Stories

Higgs Boson graphic

SMU Physicist Explains Significance of Latest Cern Discovery Related to Higgs Boson
SMU Physicist Stephen Sekula says observation of the Higgs particle transforming into bottom quarks confirms the 20th-century recipe for everything in the known physical world.

Smithsonian Exhibit of Angola Fossil

Save the Date: Smithsonian to Exhibit SMU Paleontology Research
Save Nov. 9, 2018 on your calendar. That's when the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History opens a new exhibit on never-before-seen fossils from Angola. The never-before-seen fossils were discovered, excavated and prepared by SMU faculty and student researchers. They tell the story of how the South Atlantic Ocean formed millions of years ago, and provide clues to understand our planet's present and future.

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SMU Faculty Experts
From politics to the economy, from the humanities to the sciences, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of the SMU faculty.

Cal Jillson

Political Landscape
Prof. Cal Jillson is an author who regularly provides journalists thoughtful insight on U.S. and Texas politics.

Pia Vogel

Battling Drug Resistence
Prof. Pia Vogel is a biochemist and biophysicist seeking the cause of multi-drug resistances in cancers and other diseases.

Matthew Wilson

Deciphering the Runoff
Democrats will pick their nominee for governor May 22, but incumbent GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is the favorite, predicts PoliSci Prof. Matthew Wilson.

Elira Kuka

DACA and Achievement
Prof. Elira Kuka’s research argues that the DACA program had a “significant impact” on the educational and life decisions of undocumented youth.

John Wise

Biology of Cancer
Prof. John Wise has lectured on the evolution of cancer and problems in chemotherapy, as well as on Intelligent Design

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