Information for Parents

Let’s talk about this exciting time in your student’s life

You have important questions about your student’s college decision. An extraordinary education is life changing, so we hope this information will help you make informed decisions as you look ahead to this exciting time in your student’s life.

Affording a sound investment

Higher education remains a strong investment, one that can be taken anywhere, anytime. A solid academic foundation produces dividends for a lifetime. When assessing the cost of your student’s education, a private school education may be more affordable than you realize. Learn more.

Promoting students' wellness and safety

College is a time of growing independence. To ease the transition to college life and the many new choices that come with it, SMU provides support services that enhance students’ well-being and put them on the road to both personal and professional success. Learn more.

Equipping your student for success

Your student’s success is our success. SMU is committed to providing the tools to enable your son or daughter to take advantage of the resources and benefits we offer. SMU encourages students to stretch themselves academically and personally, and infuses the appropriate supports to help them succeed at every level of the undergraduate curriculum. Learn more.

Encouraging your participation in your student’s college years

SMU is a vibrant community, and parents are encouraged to be active and engaged members of our community! Learn more.

Have more questions? Contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions or connect you with someone who can. We look forward to working with you to give your student an exceptional education.