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SMU & Dallas: Big D. Big Experiences.

Welcome to SMU and Dallas! Think big, become your best and launch a successful future. Our bold, curious and creative nature springs from the optimistic, can-do spirit of Dallas. In both work and fun, this vibrant city’s essence is woven into student life, culture and academics. Here’s how it looks for you as an SMU student in Dallas.

It’s happening

When hard-working students break for fun, Dallas serves R&R in spades. With all this to enjoy and explore, parents and friends can’t wait to visit you at college.

Dallas Skyline

Dallas is among the “Best College Towns & Cities in America,” according to WalletHub 2020.

SMU students say:

Dallas offers absolutely anything and everything. It’s why I chose to go to school here!

— Cate Shelehov ’23

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