Tasks & To-Do List Items

Screenshot of the My Information menu in the Student Dashboard sidebar.

During your academic career, there will be tasks, to-dos, and account holds that need to be addressed by you in order to enroll, pay bills, receive financial aid, etc. These important tasks will appear on your Student Dashboard landing page as well as under the My Information section in the left-hand sidebar.

If any current tasks appear, this means that you need to access and address the tasks as soon as possible. This may include a form that needs to be submitted, a promissory note that needs to be signed, or even library fines. Once you have completed the tasks, they will clear from the page automatically.

Screenshot of the Tasks and To Do sections of the Student Dashboard indicating unread tasks and to-dos.

To Dos

Once you have accessed your to-dos using either of the above methods, you can take action on them by clicking each item and following the instructions and links provided. Note that some links to complete tasks may direct you to services outside of my.SMU.


Both incomplete and completed tasks will appear on the tasks page in your Student Dashboard. Students are asked to review their personal information both in the fall and spring semesters. Below is a sample of how that task would display.


Holds on your account are critical tasks that need to be resolved before you can enroll in classes or even apply to graduate. Holds may include past-due accounts, library fines, parking tickets, etc. Selecting a hold in your list will provide details on how to resolve and release the hold.