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Web portal offering a variety of features for students, faculty, staff and SMU affiliates.

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If you have not done so, you will need to activate your SMU account with your SMU ID.

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If you have forgot your password, you can reset it with the Password Reset Tool.

There are several different areas within my.SMU. However, access to each area is monitored and approved by various module leads. my.SMU is a critical application for the University offering vital functionality to students, faculty, staff, donors and affiliates.

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For Students

Students are automatically assigned an SMU account during the initial account creation process. This allows them to view their personal information, emergency contact information, register for AARO (if applicable), search for classes, enroll in classes, add/drop/swap classes, view grades and view financial aid packages. In addition, students may request Authorized Access accounts for parent or other individuals. This will generate a login account for that individual and provides limited access to grades, bills etc.

For Employees

All employees are assigned an my.SMU account during the initial account creation process. This account automatically has the employee role assigned. This role grants access to benefit information, mailing and phone information, and paycheck information. Some updates to personal data can be done online by the individual. Others may require more elevated access to make the appropriate changes.

Faculty are also automatically assigned the faculty role. This allows them access to the Faculty Center where they will be able to view their class rosters, enter class grades and manage other features pertaining to the courses they teach. A faculty member may view the class information only to those courses to which they have been assigned within my.SMU. These assignments are made by the department liaison.

For Parents

Students should not share their login ID and password with anyone. Therefore, an account must be requested by the student for a parent or guardian to gain access to their account. Due to FERPA restrictions, the Help Desk will not provide student credentials to anyone other than the student themselves. Parents must use an authorized account. These are initiated by the student through my.SMU. During the process, the parent will be assigned an SMU ID number and sent a web link. The student is provided a PIN number to be used for the initial login. The parent can then set the password for their account using the Pin number and their ID. Access to grades, financial data and other information is controlled by the student.

For Administrators

Faculty, Staff and Student Workers may be assigned administrative access to the data within my.SMU for business reasons. Each request must be approved by the appropriate module leads and various roles are assigned based on the features/information needed for the business function. In most cases, some amount of training is required before permissions are granted.

All requests for my.SMU accounts or modification to permissions must be submitted via the Online Support Center by the employee's supervisor.

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