Email Services

email iconOIT provides a number of email services to the University community.

University Email Account (

SMU provides free email accounts to University employees, students, and official retirees. This is the official means of communication between the University and you.

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Departmental Email Accounts

Departments and groups may request a departmental account, sometimes referred to as a "generic" account, allowing multiple people to receive and send out messages on behalf of the department or program.

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Email Encryption Service

OIT offers an email encryption service for faculty, staff, and students who transmit highly sensitive data.

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Mailing Lists

The Aurea List Manager software provides a wealth of functionality for managing and configuring various mailing list types, such as announcement lists and moderated or unmoderated discussion lists.

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Bulk Mail Lists

OIT provides bulk mail lists for distribution of critical messages related to safety, health and campus operations. There are two types of bulk lists on campus. Essential lists are reserved for mandatory content for the University community and managed lists to communicate non-essential content to the appropriate audience.

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