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Campus Digital Signage

Powered by Appspace

Appspace is the enterprise digital signage solution for SMU. The Appspace console is used to manage content on the various digital displays around campus. Each digital display is connected to a player device, such as a PC, or media player, such as a BrightSign player.

Individuals with access to the Appspace system can upload content via the cloud.appspace.com website and create a sign playlist channel for their managed device. This channel can be configured to cycle through a series of dynamic and static content – all of which can easily be updated via the web.

Get Started

Requesting New Digital Signage

Departments interested in joining existing digital signage displays or adding new displays to Appspace will need to submit the web form located at help.smu.edu. OIT has purchased a site license for the Appspace. Departments are responsible for the cost of the display, the device or media player, and any incurred expenses for mounting the signage.

Requesting Permissions

A supervisor may request access to Appspace of the employee needing editing abilities on Appspace via the form at help.smu.edu. Once added, the user is sent an invitation directly from Appspace to grant them access. The new user will need to click on the unique link in the email to create and activate their account.

Appspace Invitation

Appspace Login and Password

The Appspace login uses the email address to which the invite was sent. In most cases, this will be their "@smu.edu" or "@mail.smu.edu" email address. The password will be the password set when the user creates their account.

Forgotten Passwords

If a user forgets their Appspace account password, they will need to use the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page at cloud.appspace.com.

Appspace Cloud Sign In

Please Note: When logging in to Appspace Cloud, please use the email address for the account to which you received the invite; In most cases this will be your @mail.smu.edu email address.

Getting Started with Appspace (Cloud Edition)