Academic Technology Service Staff

Academic Technology Service Directors

The Academic Technology Service Directors (ATSDs) serve as the primary directors of technology to each academic unit. Through strategic partnerships, the ATSDs ensure that each school's faculty and student technology needs are recognized and fulfilled by the Office of Information Technology.

While specializing in the differential teaching and research solutions relevant to each academic area, this team of embedded technology leaders advocates for the academic unit, support the university and work to integrate academic outcomes through SMU's shared technology platforms.

Members of the Team

Mike Gebreselassie
Cox School of Business | 214.768.1498

Jennifer Culver, Ph.D.
Simmons School of Education and Human Development | 214.768.4864

Toni Nolen, M.L.S.
Head of Systems,
SMU Libraries | 214.768.3666

James H. Pan
Perkins School of Theology & Dedman School of Law | 214.768.1820

Levi T. Sterling, M.Ed.
SMU Guildhall | 214.768.5131

Tyeson Seale
Meadows School of Arts | 214.768.2548

Faye Walter Hughes
Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences | 214.768.1141

Merlin Wilkerson
Lyle School of Engineering | 214.768.8649

Academic Technology Services & Support

  • Provide primary support and consultation for Canvas, Zoom, Qualtrics and other campus eLearning systems and tools
  • Assist with basic instructional design and online course-building
  • Consult on the integration and application of technology toward realizing instructional and research objectives
  • Support discipline-specific technology solutions 
  • Lead small to large-scale technology projects, initiatives and pilot programs
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff and leadership to develop annual, unit-specific technology strategies
  • Survey students and faculty annually to understand and meet technology needs
  • Ensure that SMU IT services are well-aligned with academic objectives and outcomes
  • Inspire and innovate with imaginative and future-forward technology solutions which stimulate teaching and research opportunities

Academic Technology Operations

Academic Technology Operations serves to manage SMU’s collective stack of course management and eLearning technology systems. Anchored by Canvas, SMU’s instructional technology systems depend upon steady administration and integration in order to best enable the spectrum of courses and programs they serve. OIT’s Academic Technology Operations group ensures that SMU’s instructional systems function to maximize instructional experiences.

Members of the Team

Cassidy Porter
Course Management & eLearning Systems Manager | 214.768.4382

Jennifer Mayes
Instructional Systems Specialist | 214.768.5286

Research Technology Services

The Research Technology Services team works closely with SMU’s academic and research communities to scope technology needs and to provide consultation and innovative solutions that support SMU’s goals of ascending research excellence.

Meet the Team

Eric Godat, Ph.D.
Research & Data Science Applications Developer (Team Lead) | 214.768.4599

John LaGrone, Ph.D.
HPC Applications Scientist, Center for Research Computing (CRC)

Mateo Langston Smith
Research Technology Developer

Guillermo G. Vasquez
Internet of Things (IoT) Applications Developer

Tue Vu, Ph.D.
AI/ Machine Learning Research Engineer

Online Production Services

SMU faculty and subject matter experts developing a new online courses and programs are provided with support from the SMU Online Production Services (OPS) team.

The OPS team is responsible for the end-to-end initial design, and preparation of online courses and programs within the SMU Global & Online delivery and facilitation unit. The team also collaborates with stakeholders across SMU to advance online teaching quality and other digital learning initiatives.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Culver, Ph.D.
Online Production Services Manager | 214.768.4864

Jennifer Jordan
Online Multimedia Developer | 214.768.2450

Prerna Munoth, M.Ed.
Online Production Services Manager | 214.768.5171