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Apps.SMU provides access to a variety of applications within a virtualized environment.

Authorized individuals can login via a web browser, or into Citrix Workspace app and then launch approved applications. When launched, an application runs in the SMU private cloud, but looks and feels as though it is running locally on your device.

Download Citrix Receiver

For best results, download Citrix Workspace app to launch apps from your Windows or macOS computer. For mobile devices, the Citrix Workspace app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

Currently, it is recommended that authorized individuals use either a Windows, Linux, or macOS computer running Citrix Workspace app to launch apps. Apps are also available on Android and Apple devices by downloading the Citrix Workspace app from the Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Requesting Access

Applications supported are linked to a special business requirement. Although you may be able to login to Apps.SMU, you will only see applications if you have been granted permission to those apps.  

If you have a potential new application to add, or see a need for changes to your permissions, please send a free formed email request to the IT Help Desk (help@smu.edu). If you have a potential new application to add, please contact the IT Help Desk.

About Apps.SMU

Apps.SMU is designed for use by faculty and staff to meet the following business needs:

  • Provide third tier security boundary for traditional 2-tier applications to insulate the data from the general purpose desktop environment.  This also frees the desktop from any legacy application support limitations and version / patch management requirements.
  • Provide back level desktop application versions to free desktop upgrades from legacy application requirements.
  • Provide managed access entry point to the Data Center for Systems Administrators or other special Application Support Requirements.
  • Support BCM (Business Continuity Management) initiatives where appropriate.

Students are also able to use Apps.SMU to access certain applications (such as SAS, SPSS, etc) for labs and course assignments.