Academic Records in my.SMU

When you click on the Academics section in the left-hand sidebar of your Student Dashboard, you can view grades, class history, unofficial transcripts, and more.

Viewing Grades

  1. Click the Grades link within the Academics section of the left-hand sidebar.
  2. You will be presented with the grades for the current term by default. Please note that only final grades display in this view. For your most current class grades, check your Canvas course or speak with your instructor.
  3. To change the term, select it from the Term drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  4. You can also print grades by clicking the Print icon in the top-right. Print icon in Student Dashboard grade screen.

Viewing Mid-Term & Early Grades

A link for Mid-Term Grades (undergrad only) and Early Grades (applies to students of specific cohorts) will be displayed in the Academic section if this applies to you. Once grades are posted an email is sent to both student and parents with authorized access. This will include instructions on how to access grades. Parents, should  you receive an email and your link no longer works, please check with your student to see if they have adjusted your permissions. 

Viewing an Unofficial Transcript

  1. Click the View Unofficial Transcript link within the Academics section of the left-hand sidebar.
  2. On the Unofficial Transcript page, you can view your GPA information, as well as the following sections:
    1. Programs: shows the program you are enrolled in for each term.
    2. Milestones:
    3. Enrollment: A summary of enrolled courses with credit hour information and final grades organized by term.
    4. Test Credit: A summary of credits earned by test-out or AP credit transfers.
    5. Other Credits: Miscellaneous credits earned
    6. Transfer Credit: Credits transferred from other institutions.
    7. Degrees: Already obtained degrees.

NOTE: An unofficial transcript CANNOT be used as an official document to verify your academic career. Contact the Registrar for details on receiving an official "sealed" transcript.

My Advisors

Clicking on Advisor Information within the Academics section on the left-hand side of the page will display your current academic advisors and their contact information. This is updated automatically if changed.

A screenshot of the advisor information page in the Student Dashboard.

Viewing Course List

To view current and previous courses you have taken, click the Course List link in the Academics section of the left-hand sidebar. You will be presented with a list of current and past courses, and also courses for the future that you may have in your course shopping cart. NOTE: Some items like test-out credits and AP courses may appear as transferred credits.

A screenshot of the course list page in the Student Dashboard.

Ordering an Official Transcript

Clicking the Order Transcript/Verification link within the Academics section of the left-hand sidebar of your Student Dashboard will direct you to the National Student Clearinghouse to order an official transcript. 

Apply for Graduation

If you have fulfilled the requirements for your degree, you will be able to click on Apply for Graduation within the Academics section of the left-hand toolbar and then access the appropriate forms. If a link to the form does not appear for you, contact the Registrar for more information on graduation requirements.