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Powered by Microsoft 365

email iconSMU provides free email accounts to University employees, students, and official retirees. This is the official means of communication between the University and you. Plus, students retain their SMU email account after graduation!

Get Started

Use the Sign In button above to log into your Microsoft 365 email account.

Email clients such as Outlook, Outlook for Mac, Thunderbird with the Owl add-on, Apple Mail, and others can be configured to retrieve mail from the SMU servers. Mail clients can also be configured on cellular phones and tablet devices.

New to SMU?

The SMU Email account is created in conjunction with the normal account creation process. For students, this process occurs upon acceptance into the University. Faculty and Staff accounts are created automatically based on employment data.

 Please Note: POP & IMAP configuration is no longer available for faculty/staff accounts. For more details on configuration options, visit the Faculty/Staff Configuration page.

Email Security

 SMU will never ask you to verify your account password, SSN, or other personal data in an email, SMS, or instant message (IM). If you receive an email requesting you to provide any private details about your account, please delete it immediately.

For more information on phishing, please see the Security Resources Phishing page.