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Mailing Lists

Powered by Aurea List Manager (formerly Lyris)

The Aurea List Manager software provides a wealth of functionality for managing and configuring various mailing list types, such as announcement lists and moderated or unmoderated discussion lists.

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Requesting a Mailing List

OIT will configure the initial list upon request. All other administration of the lists is then the responsibility of the designated list administrators. To request a mailing list, please complete the appropriate form located on the Online Support Site.

Faculty or staff may request mailing lists, and student organizations may obtain a mailing list with the approval of faculty or staff advisor. List members can subscribe with SMU and non-SMU addresses, but SMU email addresses should use the format when subscribing.

Mailing lists that include non-SMU individuals or require a fair amount of maintenance or configuration changes should be setup on the List Manger ( server.

Mailing Lists Video Tutorial