Academic Progress

Questions regarding the Degree Progress Report DPR and its contents should be directed to your academic advisor or academic dean. If you do not see your DPR please reach out to your advisor. Note: not all graduate careers use the DPR.

View Degree Progress 

  1. Select Academics. 
  2. Click Degree Progress. 
  3. A list of Requirements Satisfied display. To see only those requirements not yet satisfied, click Hide Satisfied Requirements
  4. Click to expand requirements. 
  5. Selecting the View Courses button allows you to see those courses Taken, In Progress, or Graded.  To return to the previous page, select Degree Progress. 
  6. A detailed report may be generated by selecting View PDF. 
  7. Additional information about this report may be found in the following documents:
    Understanding the DPR - Undergraduate
    Understanding the DPR - Graduate & Professional
    Degree Progress Report

Understanding the DPR - Video

View Degree Progress Summary 

Once you run the Degree Progress a summary report is available. See the Understanding the Degree Progress Summary Report for additional information on what this report provides. Please note that this summary is only available for undergraduate students.

  1. Click the Degree Progress Summary link. 
  2. The Degree Progress Summary Report will generate in a separate tab.