my.SMU Enrollment Resources

In addition to the course search and enrollment tools within your Student Dashboard, there are other resources available to help you with the enrollment process.

Course Syllabus

Along with the information in the course search and course catalog features of my.SMU, you can also search SMU's database of course syllabi. Clicking on the Course Syllabus link takes you to the search page for the syllabus system so you can find detailed information about a particular class.

Enrollment Instructions

Directs you to the Registrar's web site for additional details on enrollment topics.

SMU Bookstore

Using the SMU Bookstore link, you can view books for your classes as well as order them directly from my.SMU. If books do not show for a class, they may not yet be available from the bookstore or the instructor has not yet sent their book list to them.

University Curriculum/GEC

This link provides additional information regarding SMU's required curriculum. Refer to this page when choosing classes to make sure that your coursework fulfills University requirements.

SMU Catalogs

Directs you to SMU's catalog repository to browse and search catalogs past and present.