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Wiki.SMU is an online documentation system that allows for collaboration and shared editing of articles.

All active students, faculty, and staff have access to Wiki.SMU.


  • Instructions/How-to articles
  • Process documentation
  • Frequently-updated documents
  • Document versioning

Get Started

  1. Click the Sign In button above.
    • If you are authenticated with Single Sign-On and Duo two-factor authentication, you will be passed through to the Wiki.SMU dashboard.
    • If you are not authenticated:
      1. at the Single Sign-On screen, enter your SMU email address and SMU password.
      2. Click Login.
      3. Duo logon is required for Wiki.SMU.
      4. Once authenticated, you will be passed through to the Wiki.SMU dashboard.

Requesting a New Wiki Space

Faculty and staff may request a wiki space for instructional or departmental usage. The request form can be completed via the Online Support Center.

Benefits of using Wiki.SMU:

  • Wiki documentation is available on the web, from anywhere.
  • Viewing and editing wiki pages can be restricted to certain network users and groups.
  • Information in one page can be used in other pages, making frequently-updated information easier to manage.
  • Documents are indexed and easily searchable.
  • Editing uses a simple graphical interface; pictures can be pasted directly into pages.
  • Wiki documents are versioned: changes are tracked over time.

Wiki Quick Tips