Message Center

A screenshot of the Message Center link within the My Information section of the Student Dashboard.The Message Center serves as SMU’s secure messaging system between the University and student. Important messages from the University will be sent to your Message Center. Many of these messages will direct you to take action on items within my.SMU in addition to communicating vital deadlines.

Message Center functions similar to many other email/messaging platforms, having an inbox and archive tab. Any message threads sent will appear in the inbox, with the ability to sort by date, department or unread. At a glance, you are able to see which department the message is from, what the message is regarding, as well as the subject of the message. To open a message, simply click anywhere on the message thread.

A screenshot of the Message Center inbox in the Student Dashboard.

The message will open within the window and display the message below the header of the message. You are then able to archive the message which will move it out of the inbox. All messages will have an expiration date associated with it, at which time the message will automatically be removed from the message center, unless the message is archived.

To return to the Message Center inbox, click Message Center at the top left.

A screenshot of an example message within the Message Center.