The Office of Information Technology (OIT) serves the SMU community with technology solutions that promote research and teaching, inspire innovation, and enable excellence.

OIT logoUsing our mission statement as a guide, OIT's strategic plan aligns with five key areas: technology, research, teaching, innovation, and excellence. These areas represent what we do and how we provide our services. Within OIT, we create and maintain shared campus solutions as a unified, high-performance team of technology professionals. Throughout the University, we partner, communicate, and coordinate to meet the needs of SMU.

OIT is dedicated to actively seeking input from its customers, understanding their needs and challenges, and working with them to implement appropriate solutions. In its leadership role, OIT is committed to creating and nurturing the vital information technology environment required for SMU to achieve its vision of excellence in education.

Please let us know what we can do to better serve you, the SMU community.

Dr. Michael H. Hites
Dr. Michael H. Hites
Chief Information Officer for Information Technology