my.SMU Student Essentials

my.SMU Welcome to the student documentation page for my.SMU. The documents below will help guide you through the most important tasks you will need to complete during your time at SMU. If you have any questions or concerns beyond this documentation, let our IT Help Desk know at 214-768-HELP or

Faculty, Staff & Student Employees: Documentation for administrative tasks in my.SMU is available at the my.SMU Knowledgebase. SMU ID and password required to log in.

Your Student Dashboard places all of your academic essentials within easy reach. Detailed instructions on completing common enrollment and other tasks are listed below by the section they reside in on the left-hand sidebar of your Student Dashboard.



Icon for Dashboard in the Student Dashboard
  • The initial home page of the Student Dashboard. Includes at-a-glance information in three tabbed sections:
    • General: Provides information on tasks, to-do items, account holds, your class shopping cart, etc.
    • Academics: Includes semester grade summaries, schedules, and upcoming exam schedules.
    • Financials: Provides a summary of financial aid details.
  • Whether you are a part-time or full-time employee, the Homepage will allow you to easily navigate between student and employee pages.
Class Information
Class Information Icon
Student Dashboard Academics Icon
Student Dashboard Financials Icon
Health Center
Student Dashboard Health Center Icon
Student Dashboard Enrollment Icon
Student Dashboard Profile Icon
 Release of Education Records
Student Dashboard Release of Education Records Icon
My Information
Student Dashboard My Information Icon
 Public Links
Icon for Public Links in Student Dashboard
  • Contains links to areas outside of my.SMU for commonly accessed information including maps, policy manuals, and more.
  • Whether you are a part-time or full-time employee, the Homepage will allow you to easily navigate between student and employee pages.