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OIT maintains and supports a host of enterprise applications to support the administrative reporting and data management functions of the University.


my.SMU is a web based application offering a variety of features for Students, Faculty, Staff and SMU Affiliates. There are several different areas within my.SMU. However, access to each area is monitored and approved by various module leads. my.SMU is a critical application for the University offering vital functionality to students, faculty, staff, donors and affiliates.

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AdminImages provides an electronic document storage and retrieval system. Electronic documents can either be scanned in or captured in a variety of ways, and all documents are stored in a secure, encrypted database. Workflow capabilities and interaction with my.SMU and Employee.SMU make this a powerful system as you make the transition from paper to electronic document management.

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As part of SMU's continued efforts to provide new and innovative ways to simplify tedious paper-based tasks, DocuSign has been adopted to make getting documents signed easier. Create, send, and sign documents with secure digital signatures on your desktop and smart devices.

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SMU Financials

SMU Financials is a web based application that allows approved individuals to manage the financial debits and credits for their department.

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SMU Budgets

SMU Budgets is the web-based application used by the budgeting office and Financial Officers to manage the University and Departmental budgets. A limited number of employees have access to view and manage data stored within SMU Budgets.

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