Using Degree Planner

The Degree Planner in your my.SMU Student Dashboard is a powerful tool that can provide you with a personalized, pre-populated degree plan to help on your journey to graduation. This degree path provides a sequence of courses that will fulfill your degree requirements, and can be adjusted regularly to fit your future plans.

Please Note: The Degree Planner is a student planning tool and should not be relied upon for graduation purposes. You must check your Degree Progress Report regularly. You should plan to update your degree plan each semester because course offerings will change.

Easy to Plan

Degree Planner automatically updates your plan based on your academic progress. It recognizes factors like prerequisites and terms typically offered. You are able to view required courses in a clearly organized list to more easily navigate your path to graduation.

Improved Registration Experience

Keeping an eye on your Degree Planner makes registration easy! Planned courses are automatically imported into your Schedule Builder to take the guesswork out of choosing courses for your degree and selecting course sections that fit your busy schedule.

Better Course Availability

The Degree Planner system provides critical information to SMU on course demand, allowing us to provide more sections of in-demand courses, which increases your odds of getting exactly the classes you want, when you want them.

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