SMU COVID-19 January Vaccination Update

Many of you have been asking when the COVID-19 vaccine will arrive on campus and how it will be distributed to our SMU community. It’s not here yet, but we'll be ready when it is.  

SMU Plans For Primarily in-Person Fall 2021 Semester

It is with high hopes that we enter 2021 expecting to move toward a primarily in-person fall semester at SMU. With the understanding that vaccinations for COVID-19 will be offered widely this spring, including on our own campus, we are planning to return to regular on-campus courses and activities by fall.  

SMU COVID-19 Vaccination Plans Update

As SMU receives additional allotments, distribution to the campus community will follow the state’s 1B guidelines which prioritize both people who are 65 and older and/or who have at least one chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk from COVID-19.  

SMU Releases 2021 COVID-19 Operations Plan

As we prepare for winter break, planning for next semester is well underway. We learned a great deal over the past eight months about how to keep teaching, working, living and interacting on campus as safely as possible during a pandemic. We are using that information to make the SMU experience even better going forward.  

Spring Semester Plans

It’s time to look ahead to completing a successful semester and preparing for the next one.  

Flu Shot Information

Minimizing your chances of contracting the flu this year is one of the most important steps you can take to stay healthy. Whether you are an SMU student or employee, learn how you can get a free flu shot. 
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