Dave Morrin

Dave Morrin

Regional Director of Undergraduate Admission
Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Puerto Rico

Year I Joined the Office of Admission: 2022

Favorite thing about SMU: The people. SMU is special, and I hope you visit campus to feel it! I came here from a large public university in Florida, where close community felt unattainable. You’re never a number at SMU, and you aren’t lost in crowds. Professors care about you, including enriching Faculty-in-Residence who live in Residential Commons. I’m the first person in my family to go to college, so I’m especially proud of SMU’s First-Generation Initiative.

Favorite place on campus:  I love our abundant fountains, plus the tanning pool outside of the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports—where you’ll find a climbing wall, pool, gyms, indoor track, sports courts and more. But my favorite spot is the Wave sculpture outside the phenomenal Meadows Museum of Art. It’s a moving, undulating, kinetic sculpture above a reflecting pool. An engineering wonder!

Favorite place in Dallas: Pelican Point at White Rock Lake! This gorgeous spot is perfect for when you’re homesick for Georgia’s Chattahoochee or Lake Lanier, or if you’re a paddleboarding Floridian like me who loves beautiful sunsets over calm water. Watch the sailboats sharing waves with pelicans, swans, and ducks. Head to the lake to study, run, bike, and find serenity in quiet nature.

Favorite restaurant near campus: Desperados is a fantastic Tex-Mex restaurant close to campus. It’s an authentic family-run restaurant rooted in showcasing the culinary diversity of Mexico, while also serving untraditional twists and modern favorites like their famous Desperados Tacos. To satisfy your sweet tooth, stop by Chocolate Secrets—a dessert gem that offers handmade gourmet chocolates and lively open mic nights.

What I recommend during your stay in Dallas: Go downtown to see the Giant Eye—the weirdest but coolest eyeball sculpture you’ve ever seen. Keep walking down Elm Street to the Grassy Knoll and Dealey Plaza, the historic site of JFK's assassination. The depth and diversity of Dallas will be on full display! Scan the city skyline and picture your future at SMU—you want to choose a city and university that feels like home.