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Password Reset Tool

Use to enroll in the Password Reset Tool, change your current password, reset your current password, or unlock your account.

The Password Reset Tool is an online service that offers members of the SMU community the ability to manage their SMU login credentials 24/7 without the need to contact the IT Help Desk.

Please Note: If your account keeps getting locked out after a password reset, please view our troubleshooting steps.

The Enroll step must be completed with a working SMU ID and password. During this initial step, the individual will configure a series of security questions. The questions are provided but the individual must provide the appropriate answers.
The Reset is used when the individual does not have a working password and has previously completed the enrollment step outlined above. During this process, the individual provides their SMU ID number. They are then presented with the questions configured during enrollment. If the correct answers are provided, the individual can then reset their SMU password.
The Change feature is used when the individual knows their SMU password and simply wishes to change that password prior to the expiration date. If a password has expired but was not changed in time, this is the best option to use as well. This process requests your SMU ID number and current password in addition to selecting a new password. The security questions are not presented during this step.
The Unlock feature will allow you to unlock your account. After a certain number of incorrect login attempts, your SMU account may become locked. If your are certain the password is correct, try unlocking the account first. Once unlocked the password should be accepted by the servers.

Your SMU Password

Your SMU Password is set to automatically expire after 365 days. In most cases, you will receive several email notifications prior to the expiration. All passwords must meet certain requirements. You can view the current password requirements and suggestions for selecting a secure password on Box.

Please Note: If you are using an SMU laptop and change your password from off campus, you will need to login with your old password and then connect to VPN. Once the VPN connection is established, the computer should synchronize the newly updated password.

Using the Password Reset Tool