my.SMU Browser Configuration

For best performance with my.SMU we recommend using the following browsers. These browsers are recommended because they provide the most consistent and reliable user experience with using my.SMU, whether on a PC or a Mac.

Recommended Browsers


Google Chrome versions 81 and higher

Microsoft Edge versions 42 and higher

Mozilla Firefox versions 75 and higher


Apple Safari OS X versions 13 and higher

Google Chrome versions 81 and higher

Mozilla Firefox versions 75 and higher

Settings for for ALL browsers:

  • Cookies must be enabled.
  • Pop-Ups should be allowed for my.SMU.
  • In order to minimize horizontal scrolling, your screen resolution should be set to 1024x768 or higher.
  • Log on to one my.SMU session at a time per browser.
    For example
    , if you log into Financials.SMU and need to log into my.SMU, you will need to use two different browsers like Google Chrome or Edge. Despite using different tabs, logging into these applications in the same browser causes unexpected results.
  • Browser manufacturers are now expiring third-party cookies when there is a brief period of inactivity. This will cause your my.SMU session to expire as well, and you will be redirected to the my.SMU login screen. When this happens, click the Continue Normally button, and you will be logged in again to my.SMU.
  • If multiple browser tabs are open with different pages within my.SMU, you may be signed out. Close out all tabs and log into the system again. Once you are logged back in, you can click on the New Use Window link within my.SMU to open other my.SMU tab within the same browser.

Although the application supports a variety of web browsers, SMU is not able to test and validate each and every version. Please ensure that all patches and updates are applied and kept up-to-date.

Instructions on clearing your browser's history/browsing data can be found on the Clearing Internet Cache info page.