my.SMU Requesting Accounts

Requesting access to my.SMU

Access & training for my.SMU is first requested by your manager. They will request your by submitting the IT FORM: Account Request through our Help Desk system. Once the form is submitted, it will be routed to the appropriate person(s) for approval and you will be auto enrolled in the appropriate courses. Be on the lookout for automated emails from the IT Help Desk regarding training. These emails will provide step-by-step instructions for accessing your training.

User Access Review Process

As part of our efforts to ensure our data is secure and accessed by only those staff whose positions require it, OIT is implementing a user access review approval process for my.SMU. As job responsibilities often change, this process ensures that a user’s access is still required and authorized for the job that they are currently performing. Managers will be required on a periodic basis to review the access levels currently assigned to their employees and approve or deny those permissions.  OIT administrative access must be reviewed on a quarterly basis.  All other administrative access will be reviewed biannually.  For instructions, please see the User Access Review Process one-sheet.