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Think big. Do good.® Welcome to the SMU Brand Center.

Bringing our brand to life

Welcome to the starting point for understanding and applying the SMU brand to your work. This information and these resources give you a quick start for capturing our voice and tone in all types of writing and deploying our visual style in design, photography and video.

Through consistency, we build a strong and recognizable identity for SMU. Collectively, our work contributes to what people think about SMU.

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Ways with words

What we say is important. How we say it is, too. Writing that’s friendly, smart and engaging and storytelling sparked by our core strengths capture the essence of what makes us SMU.

Writing and editing

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Big picture

Warm, candid and surprising images create a “you are there” feeling. They provide a sense of place, illustrate a passion or explain a purpose. Compelling visuals often become the emotional center of a narrative. Sometimes, they are the story.

Photography and video

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Our logo

Our logo is SMU’s signature, a symbol of our reputation and a source of pride. Use the easy-to-follow guidelines to maintain consistency and apply it thoughtfully.


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While we’ll always be true to red and blue, our palette also includes four additional hues. Master the mixing of primary and complementary colors for designs with energy and impact.

Color palette

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Versatile fonts

Trade Gothic makes a statement. Tiempos adds verve. These creative types harmonize beautifully, so feel free to play around and find the perfect balance.


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Let’s socialize

Social media’s public and immediate nature amplifies opportunities to connect with world changers wherever they are. As we build a social community, each post becomes a new reason for people to like us even more.

Social media

Go get creative!


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