SMU stationery is available exclusively through Marfield Stationery Company at Products include:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead – standard and monarch
  • Envelopes
  • Mailing labels
  • Notecards
  • Notepads

Stationery products are printed using SMU red and blue.

Note that on letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels and notepads, names of schools, units, centers and institutes appear as formatted text in the appropriate locations – the only logo used on these pieces is the main SMU logo.

The SMU online stationery stores offer dropdowns for the various letterhead versions available to schools, units, centers and institutes. If you do not see yours listed, use the version that has only the SMU logo in the header.

Personalization (name and title) is offered only to the president, deans, vice presidents and endowed professors and should be ordered through Mail and Copy Central.

SMU Letterhead

SMU provides a digital stationery template for Microsoft Word that can be used as needed. The type in the header and footer is fully editable, but to use the file you must still follow the University guidelines:

  • Only the approved list of schools, areas, centers and units can appear in bold red type in the header. These can be found from the drop-down lists on the standard letterhead page on the SMU stationery online store (login required). If you do not see your school, area or unit in the drop-down list, delete the header text and put all of your organizational information into the footer. If you do not see your center or institute name in a drop down list, put your school name in bold red type and your center or institute name in blue type.
  • If your center, institute or department is approved to appear in bold red type, then your school name should appear in the footer.
  • The header text should never consist of only blue lines.
  • If the header text is only one bold red line, it should align with the bottom of the SMU logo. (Use a blank line for the first bold red line.)
  • If the header text (bold red lines plus blue lines) is two or more lines, the second line should align with the bottom of the SMU logo.
  • Personalization (name and title in the header) should only be done for the president, deans, vice presidents and endowed professors.
  • URLs should all start with (not http:// or www.). As needed, request an shortcut from the SMU Help Desk. (Note that shortcuts can redirect to addresses.)
  • Phone numbers should be styled with hyphens: 214-768-XXXX.

If you have questions about the proper placement of all information, it may be helpful to start an order for stationery through the SMU stationery online store and download the digital proof to use as guidance for creating your digital stationery.

Standard business cards offer room on the front for name, up to two lines of title and/or department name, school or unit name, mailing address, up to two phone numbers, email address and website.

If you want to add a physical address, social media links or additional information, order a card with a customizable backside that has space for up to eight more lines.

Alternate text
  • Web addresses begin with and are written in lowercase. If the URL is too long for the space, contact your school marketing office to see if a shortcut to the page already exists and, if necessary, request the creation of an shortcut through the SMU Help Desk. Note that shortcuts can direct to URLs.
  • SMU email addresses are written in lowercase.
  • Social media addresses are listed as “” before the account name.
    • Capitalization can be used in social media accounts if the account name was created using uppercase letters.
  • Phone numbers use hyphens.

Order SMU-branded pocket folders from Mail and Copy Central. Include the fund/org to be charged, the location for delivery and the quantity.