Social media and crisis management

Social media’s public and immediate nature amplifies opportunities to connect with world changers wherever they are. As we build a social community, each post becomes a new reason for people to like us even more.

Social Media

Social media platforms allow us to communicate news, promote events, and engage with the SMU community. The guidelines and best practices in this section of the branding guidelines will help you use social media, regardless of platform, effectively to accomplish your goals.

Click here to download the Social Media Playbook.

Social media accounts representing SMU in an official capacity should reflect the SMU logo with trademark in the account's photo. Department names may be included, as in the Promo versions of the logo system.

If you need counsel, or a social media icon created for your account, please email

Crisis Management

For a brand, encountering a crisis on social media is not a matter of ‘if,’ it’s a matter of ‘when.’

Refer to the “Escalation and Crisis Management” section of the Social Media Playbook for best practices on managing a crisis. If you find escalation is required, please email as soon as possible.


For questions or information about social media, contact the SMU Marketing & Communications Social Media team at