SMU Brand Guidelines


The SMU logo consists of two components placed together. The first is the stylized rendering of the University's official seal, featuring Dallas Hall, SMU's first building and the University's historic symbol. For the purposes of this guide, the stylized rendering of the seal is referred to as the "icon."

The second logo component is the University initials, "SMU," also referred to as the wordmark initials. The visual appearance of the University initials has been designed with great care in order for it to be clear and easily identifiable. As part of the logo, the University initials are always written using a customized form of the Galliard typeface. Galliard is the primary typeface for SMU. (For further information, refer to the "Typefaces" section of this guide.)

The proportions of the icon and initials have been carefully designed and should not be altered (i.e., the size of the logo elements should remain consistent in relation to one another).

Both logo elements should be placed in an upright position at all times. The two components – icon and University initials – comprising the complete logo should be used together in the vast majority of cases. Typically, the initials should be placed to the right of the seal.

In rare cases it is permissible to employ either the icon or initials on their own. This may include occasions when the icon is being used with an audience known to be especially familiar with SMU and a subtler expression of the University's identity is desired.

The University's full name (i.e., Southern Methodist University) is not part of the logo and should not appear next to the icon in place of the University initials.

SMU, the University's primary brand identity, should be used on all official University publications and external advertisements. Southern Methodist University may be spelled out in publications a) if needed for clarification with particular audiences or b) if materials are addressed to specific groups for whom the University’s original full name is of particular importance. 

Helpful Fact

A very small registered trademark symbol, which consists of a circled “R” and protects use of the logo, should appear to the right of the University initials when the initials appear next to the University icon. The trademark symbol “TR” should be used next to the icon appearing on its own on merchandise, such as clothing. However, a small service mark, consisting of the letters “SM,” should appear when the icon appears alone on all other materials, including in publications and on banners. 

These symbols are required unless the icon in question is large enough that a commensurately large trademark or service mark would be distracting and unsightly. A good rule of thumb is that when the icon measures more than three inches in diameter, the trademark or service mark are not required.