SMU Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

The visual symbols and key messages of a university have a great impact on how its audiences identify and perceive the institution.

The SMU Brand Guidelines was developed to help maintain consistency in symbols and messages in the development of University communications. In an accessible, online format, this guide contains the University's official policy of use for a variety of visual symbols as well as editorial content.

These brand guidelines are particularly important for SMU as we seek to enhance our national recognition. Establishing a strong and recognizable identity in the crowded marketplace of brands requires consistency as well as creativity. No matter how diverse and distinctive the activities of a university may be, there must be some common visual themes associated with the institution as a whole.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that these guidelines and standards are implemented.

By following the basic guidelines outlined, we help to reinforce SMU's identity as a nationally recognized center for teaching and research.

R. Gerald Turner
President, SMU

The guide is designed to assist in the development of materials by all schools, departments and areas of the University. In addition to providing guidelines that ensure consistency, it will simplify many aspects of the process involved in creating new publications or organizing University events by supplying the correct visual symbol. Please address any questions regarding the content of this document, as well as any other issues regarding graphic standards and University messaging, to SMU Marketing and Communications.