What If DPR

Questions regarding the DPR and its contents should be directed to your academic advisor or academic dean. Additional information can also be found in the Understanding Degree Progress Report and Understanding the Undergraduate Summary Report documents.

Running a What-If Degree Progress Report

You may be thinking of changing your program of study and wonder how that change would affect your progress toward degree requirements. You can use this What-If component to set up and request a simulated or "what-if" advisement report based on alternate programs of study.

  1. Begin by selecting Academics.
  2. Click What-If Report.
  3. The What-If Scenario page displays. If a previous What-If report already exists, you can view it under Previous Reports by expanding the desired report and selecting View Report.
  4. To create a new report, click Create New Report.
  5. The page displays current career  and program information by default. Note: You will be able to change the term for which you want the change to take place. 
  6. Under Program Scenario, you will see your current academic information by default. Use the fields below to set up a what-if scenario based on one or more programs of study. Under Course Scenario, you can also choose to select courses for inclusion in your course what-if scenario. Note for Prospective students: The default program is SMU Pre-Majors. Select the degree plan you wish to pursue. Please note that some degree plans have entrance requirements that must be met.
  7. At the bottom of the page, click Submit Report.
  8. Your interactive What-If Degree Progress Report appears on the screen. Content areas are displayed and indicate which course requirements have been satisfied. Courses that may be used to satisfy requirements are also displayed.
  9. Click View PDF to display the full report.