Resources for Creating Course Content

Our resources share faculty strategies for creating and organizing course content that is engaging, interactive, user-friendly, reusable, and applicable to synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid learning modes.


Video: Cost Effective Upgrading of Home Studio

This 14-minute video provides tips regarding setting up or improving a home studio workspace. We share suggestions that can help to make the home studio workspace optimized for creating and participating in Zoom presentations and recordings. We also consider optimal lighting, room configuration, microphones, camera accessibility, and video production products.

Lecture Recording Tools –Pros, Cons, and Quick Guides

This one-page PDF document outlines pros and cons of the following lecture recording tools:

  • Powerpoint
  • Zoom
  • Panopto
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • Camtasia

The document also contains links to external online resources for each recording tool so that interested faculty can learn more about each tool.

Video Lecture Best Practices

This 11 minute video provides tips and best practices for creating engaging and effective video lectures. The video is focused on three main points: how to structure a lecture, how to keep students engaged, and how to use visuals effectively.

PlayPosit Step-by-Step Tutorial

This PDF booklet provides a detailed outline of the steps involved in creating content on PlayPosit. The guide also outlines many of the unique features of PlayPosit, such as the ability to embed quizzes and audio clips, and it provides the steps needed to integrate PlayPosit content within a Canvas course.

How to create a 360 video site tours of historical sites or contemporary situations

This infographic provides a snapshot of a 360°video including what it is, what contents it is suitable for, and what its benefits and drawbacks are. You will also find links to many examples andavideo tutorial on how to create this new, innovative type of educational videos.

Optimizing Discussion Boards

This 4 ½ minute video provides tips and best practices for creating Canvas discussion boards that are interactive and that facilitate online student conversations.