Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence, in partnership with Academic Technology Services, is happy to open applications for Just-in-Time Teaching and Technology Grants (JiTTT). This program will provide small grants (up to $1000 each) to faculty from across campus when they need it most — right before the semester starts.


The goal of this grant program is to reduce the barriers for faculty acquiring needed materials or technology for their classrooms. We want to help by providing funding at a critical planning point for the semester. 

It is our hope that this program will support your efforts to improve SMU's teaching quality.

Applications for the Spring 2020 semester are open until Friday, January 17th, 2020.


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To learn more about previous grant winners, click here

JiTTT Faculty Spotlight:


Professor talking to students 


Engineering students in Professor Villarreal-Suarez’s Analog and Digital Controls course work on their final temperature control experiment using sous-vide technique, a scientific approach to cooking, funded by CTE JITTT grant.

Professor Villarreal-Suarez created a unique learning opportunity for students with a twist: using concepts from class to improve their culinary skills! Sous-vide is a scientific method of cooking, used by professional chefs, in which food is placed in a plastic bag and cooked in a water bath for a period of time at an accurately controlled temperature. The objective was for students to team up and build sous-vide machines, consisting of a thermometer, power supply, water heater, and microcontroller. For their final exam, he hosted a "top chef" competition where students cooked food to perfection by scientifically controlling their sous-vide machines. This practice allowed students to not only solidify their knowledge of the class, but also learn/improve the valuable life skill of cooking.