Center for Teaching Excellence

Teaching Resources

This part of the CTE website provides a wide array of resources to help you design, teach, and assess your courses. Browse the links for ideas, or zero in on an area of particular interest. And please contact us to suggest resources we should add to the site.

Design Your Course

guidance in thinking through what you want your students to learn, designing the course to get them there, and assessing how well you've succeeded

The Syllabus

drafting a syllabus that provides all the required information, and makes students excited to be in your class

Teach Your Course

lots of ideas for teaching methods and for handling particular teaching contexts.  This section also links to articles that provide resources for teaching in particular disciplines.

Teaching Methods

Teaching Situations

Discipline-Specific Ideas

Reflect On Your Teaching

how to gather feedback from students and peers and use that feedback to make teaching more effective and enjoyable

Assess Student Work

ideas for giving students feedback that will help them improve their learning, using rubrics, grading student work, and encouraging students to be self-reflective learners

Pedagogical Theory

learn more about the research and theory that underlies principles of good teaching

Teaching with Technology

technological tools can help faculty engage students in active learning, make presentations more vivid, and help with the mechanical tasks of teaching.

Our Students

learn more about SMU undergraduates (and today's college students generally), and see what resources SMU offers for student engagement and support

SMU Policies on Teaching

Federal law, university policy, and other guidelines that relate to our role as teachers.