Certification with OIT

We offer several options for certification. Whether you are looking to showcase your skills in Excel or demonstrate to an employer that they can onboard you faster with your knowledge of Outlook, we can help.

Benefits of Being Certified

  • Allows Faculty to focus more on methodologies and spend less time on applications.
  • Supervisors may utilize certification studies to close skill gaps
  • Students can digitally broadcast their accomplishments with online badges.  These digital badges contain verifiable data that tell employers and admission committees what the student did and why it matters.
  • Prepares students for advanced level courses and increases marketability.

  • 91%

    91% of hiring managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring.

  • 81%

    81% of hiring managers feel that certified individuals perform better.

  • 79%

    79% of hiring managers feel that certified individuals are more efficient.

  • 50%

    50% more likely to be hired Full Time.



Getting Certified: EXPLAINED

A quick overview the of the certification process at SMU.

Becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office Specialist Logo

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification gives students and institutions of higher learning the tools they need to chart their own course, fulfill their ambition, and realize their potential.

MOS includes four levels of certification:

Office Specialist

Showcase that you have the skills in one of the Office Associate applications. (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Word Associate)

Office Specialist Associate

Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Office suite by earning certification in 3 or more Office Specialist programs.


Prove that you have the advanced skills needed to get the most out of a specific Office program. (Access, Excel or Word Expert).

Office Expert

Achieve the highest certification level within the Microsoft Office program by earning two of the Expert exams.

Students can certify at all levels. They should try to obtain the highest level possible. The market demands—and caters to—those who possess the most education and skills.

Available Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications

MOS Associate Badge
  • Microsoft Excel (Microsoft 365 Apps)
  • Microsoft Excel Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps)
  • Microsoft Word (Microsoft 365 Apps)
  • Microsoft Word Expert (Microsoft 365 Apps)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft 365 Apps)
  • Outlook Associate (Outlook 2019)


Where do I begin?

Microsoft Office Certification Exams are performance-based timed exams conducted in a "live," or simulated, environment. Candidates receive 5-7 small projects with tasks that build on each other. Certification exams are free for faculty, staff, and students.

  1. Prepare

    Prepare for the exam by utilizing online study resources such as LinkedIn Learning and GMetrix CertPrep practice exams. GMetrix CertPrep is an excellent resource to help you prepare for the Microsoft Office certification exams. These practice exams contain a training mode, which allows you to view hints and retry missed questions, and a timed testing mode, which simulates actual testing conditions. Visit our study resources to find the exam objectives for the test you are wanting to take.

  2. Practice

    The best way to ensure success is to practice often! Be sure to review each practice test as not all exam objectives may be covered in one exam. Students who score an 800 or higher on at least one practice exam are more likely to pass on their first try. Once you achieve a score of 800 or higher you are eligible to sit for the exam.

  3. Certify

    Register for the official certification exam—the IT Training Team proctors exams. Test candidate Exam Policies and information on Accommodation of Disabilities may be found at Certiport.com.

Get Your GMetrix Access Code

Students: If you are taking a Microsoft Office exam as part of a course requirement visit your course's site in Canvas for your class specific access code. 

Non-students: All other SMU community members who are interested in obtaining access submit a Help Ticket for MOS Practice Exams access to obtain your GMetrix access code and receive information on how to schedule your exam.

Get a GMetrix access code



GMetrix Practice Exams Explained

Microsoft Certified Trainer Laurene Klassen walks students through using GMetrix to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification practice exams.