There are multiple ways to retrieve your voicemails, including on your desktop telephone and within your email client. Visit our knowledge base for details on all of them.

When you delete a message, either on your phone or in your e-mail, it is moved to the Deleted folder in your e-mail, where it is no longer accessible from your phone. Simply locate the message with the audio file in your deleted items folder in your email mailbox.

Log into the voicemail system. After entering your PIN, when prompted say "personal options" and then press 4.  This will be a permanent change to the touchtone interface.

Shared extensions will be attached to a departmental or shared email account. Voice messages will be delivered to that departmental account.

Your greeting(s) may be managed with your desk telephone or via Microsoft Teams. Please see Manage Voicemail Greeting in our knowledge base for detailed instructions.

Yes. Press the voicemail key on your Audiocodes IP phone, indicated by an envelope icon which will be illuminated red if you have voice mail.

Touch the Call softkey. Listen to your messages played back to you and then press:

  • 1 to listen,
  • 7 to delete, or
  • 9 to mark as unread