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Software Licensing

Each year OIT processes dozens of software renewals during the month of July to prevent interruption of services during the semesters. OIT has worked with each  vendor to schedule these updates as strategically as possible.

Applications that are subject to annual license renewals typically involve purchase requisitions, and may even require updates and/or verification of written contracts. Although many of the renewals are invisible to the campus community, certain applications that require annual renewals will also have advanced license expiration notifications or prompts at the client, often seen when launching the application prior to renewals being finalized. Unless you are experiencing a loss of functionality, client expiration notifications can be safely ignored, as OIT manages and processes these licenses for you!

SAS and SAS JMP annual license renewals:

SID (license files) are delivered to OIT each July once the renewal process has completed. These files are placed into the SAS Software Depot, and made available via a link within for manual download and renewal for all systems. Directions on how to run the manual license renewal can be found on the SAS and SAS JMP info page.