SMU has acquired a site license for SAS Foundation and SAS JMP Professional for all faculty, staff and students. The software is available for download on any personal Windows and Linux machines for academic use.

Please Note: Students and any Mac OS users of SAS Foundation also have access to SAS without installing the software on their local machine. Simply login to

Getting Started

Please follow all instructions very closely. Connect your computer to a power source, ethernet connection, and turn off wifi. Be sure to backup existing libraries or directories where your current SAS files are saved. Install could take several hours off campus.

Installation of SAS Foundation  via the Campus Network

If migrating from a previous version of SAS Foundation, please see the Migration: Moving to SASĀ® 9.4 documentation prior to installation.

  1. Download the SAS.bat file
  2. Right click the file, and choose "Run as administrator" (You may need to provide administrative credentials for your personal computer)
  3. When prompted for credentials, enter SMU\smuid (insert your ID number) for the username and your SMU password
  4. Click Next through the installation wizard and do not change any defaults
  5. The installation will begin and features will automatically be installed
  6. Once complete, click Next and Finish

Installing SASJMP for an SMU Windows Computer

  1. Click to Launch Ivanti Portal Manager
  2. Check the box for SAS JMP 13
  3. Click Launch (top left)
  4. Allow Ivanti to install SAS JMP 13 in the background

Installing SASJMP for non-IT Managed machines

Please access this program via

For system specifications and requirements visit:

Instructions for Off-Campus Installations

Please Note: This method is not recommended. We highly recommend installing while on campus.

  1. Login to using your smuid and password and download the Cisco AnyConnect Client from the right hand tool bar. If you have already installed the Cisco VPN client, verify that it is connected.
  2. Download the SAS.bat file or the SASJMP.bat file . Save the file to your Desktop.
  3. Right click the file that you saved to your Desktop and choose "Run as Administrator". You may need to provide administrative credentials for your personal computer.
  4. A login box should appear. Enter SMU\smuid (insert your ID number) for the username and your SMU Password. You should then see the following message "The command completed successfully".
  5. The installer should begin after a few minutes. A progress bar will appear once all preinstallation tasks have been completed. 
  6. Follow the installation steps SAS Installation.