my.SMU Address Change Notice

Anytime your address is changed within my.SMU, you will receive an automated email. This automated notification will help protect your access and personal information by ensuring that an address change is not made without your approval or knowledge. Within 24 hours following the change, you will receive the email notification in your SMU Email account. If you authorized the change, please just delete the notice.

If you did not authorize the change, please login to my.SMU and verify that the addresses on record are correct. If one is incorrect, please update the address and respond to the email notification immediately or call 214-SMU-MyID (768-6943). There are several departments that are responsible for investigating any unauthorized changes. They will be notified and will begin the investigation.

Below is a sample email sent from my.SMU when a change has been made:

Dear SMU Community Member:

This letter confirms a recent change to your SMU account. Your privacy is important to us, and we want to make sure that you requested or authorized this change.

We received a request to change the address on record for this account. This letter is being sent to your email address to confirm that the change to your address is valid. This change may have been made via the self-service portion of the my.SMU website. Please confirm that the address on file is the correct address by going to my.SMU and click on the "Home and Mailing Address" link under "Personal Information".

If this change request was made in error or was not authorized, please contact SMU Privacy Hotline by email at or by phone at 214-SMU-MyID (768-6943) and follow the prompts to direct you to the appropriate group.

Thank you,
SMU Privacy Response Group