Remote Desktop Connections

Remote Desktop connections allow you to connect to your office computer from another computer. Once the connection is established, you have access to all of the applications and files on your computer in addition to your local computer resources, such as printing, clipboard, and accessing local drives.

Before Remote Desktop will work, your Office computer must be configured to allow remote connections. By default, this option is not enabled.

You will also be required to download the VPN client on your home computer and establish a secure connection before connecting to your office machine.

Getting Started

  1. Configure your University-owned desktop computer to allow remote desktop connections. Feel free to contact IT Help Desk if you need assistance.
  2. Locate your office computer hostname/IP address by going to You will need to do this from your office computer.
  3. Leave your office computer powered on. Make sure you lock the screen before you leave the office for security.
  4. Download and install the VPN client to your home computer.
  5. Establish a VPN connection from your home computer and authenticate.