Yes. Students will login using a Federated ID. This allows all campus users to login using their SMU ID and password to access Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.

No. Shared device licenses are not available for home use.

Students can log in and out of unlimited lab computers. Shared device licensing only works on lab computers so they will not be able to use Shared Device Licenses outside an SMU lab or Public workstation.

They will need to create their own free Adobe ID in the sign-in page to access Creative Cloud Apps on a public computer.
Yes. Users will have to login to the computer and then re-enter their credentials when any of the Creative Cloud Applications are launched on the computer. If no Adobe Creative Cloud applications are launched, no additional sign-in will be required.
Yes. To use a Creative Cloud application, users will need to log in each time on a public computer.
Just one login to Creative Cloud will unlock access to all other apps.
Staff and faculty will use Named User Licensing.