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Account Info: Once you enter your SMU email address, you will be redirected to the Sign In page. When prompted, select "Enterprise ID."

Adjunct instructors may sign in using their sponsored account ID and For example,
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As part of this "Named User licensing," benefit-eligible employees will be able to log into the Adobe Creative Cloud and download the latest Adobe applications to their office computer and on one home device too, such as a laptop. We will also be rolling out the latest versions of the applications this summer to labs and instructor stations as part of a "shared device license." Adjunct Faculty, Instructors, Temporary Staff, Sponsored Users, and Active Students will have the ability to login to systems on campus with using this “shared device license.”

Adobe Expiration Notices: A small number of users are seeing Adobe Expiration notices when using the Adobe Creative Cloud software. To resolve the issue, log in to the Adobe Creative Cloud portal at and download the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

How to sign in and access applications

  1. The Creative Cloud app for desktop facilitates self-service workflows for users to download and install applications and updates. For users with the cloud services, signing in also enables access to Creative Cloud services, such as activate fonts from Adobe Fonts, get personal storage, and share and gather feedback on Behance.
  2. Directly from apps. Upon launching an app, a sign-in screen displays. End users can sign in with their credentials to license the app. If a user is not entitled to that particular app it will run as a trial, but will stop working once the trial period expires.

User Entitlements Matrix

Role Default Spark with Premium Features
for Higher-Ed
Shared Device Licensing
Default All Apps Plan
Named User Licensing
Adjunct Faculty

Benefit Eligible Employees


Temporary Staff

Sponsored Users

Active Students

Changes to Adobe Licensing include:

  • Requirement for all users to sign in with an Adobe account (All users will use their SMU ID and password)
  • Benefit Eligible Staff and Faculty will be assigned Named User licensing

Adobe Licensing for Employees

Benefit Eligible Employees are licensed under the Named User Licensing. The Named User Licensing ties the usage of Adobe apps and services to an individual user. Computers must connect to Adobe servers for initial activation, and then at least once every 99 days. End users can sign in with their credentials to access the apps and services.

Named User Details:

  • Named licenses require periodic Internet connectivity.
  • Computers must connect to Adobe servers for initial activation, and then at least once every 99 days.
  • End users can sign in with their credentials to access the apps and services through Single Sign-On
  • Users can install/activate Adobe Creative Cloud software on up to 2 Devices simultaneously

Named User Licensing, provides:

  • Access to World-class creative & productivity apps: Including the latest cloud first applications such as Adobe XDLightroom CC and Adobe Dimension. These applications are not available with any other licensing method.
  • Access to Adobe Cloud services: Jump-start projects with anywhere, any-device access to assets in Creative Cloud Libraries, and font collections from Adobe Fonts.

Licensing for Students

Students are licensed under the Shared Device License (SDL). The Shared Device License is a huge leap forward in the experience that students have when accessing Adobe products in shared-device environments. Students will be able to:

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