Academic Technology Services

CTE provides personalized and expert services to our faculty in support of academic research and instructional technology use, innovation, and experimentation at SMU. 

From creating a course from scratch on Blackboard or Canvas, or analyzing a large data set using SAS or SPSS, to building an interactive website for your students to use in WordPress, or designing a mobile-friendly exam, CTE has the expertise to help you get it done.  

Do you want to learn more about flipping a classroom? Want to add video to your course but don't where to begin? Are you conducting online research for an article but need some help with the technology? CTE is here to help you, and we can consult with you one-on-one, by email, on the phone, or online. Contact us today. 


  • Support and training for Blackboard and Canvas
  • Support and training for Qualtrics Research Suite
  • Support and training for ExamSoft
  • Support and training in web and videoconferencing
  • Support of research and statistical computing
  • Digital media consultation, production, and training
  • Web authoring, design, training, and support on WordPress
  • Instructional technology consultation, support, and training
  • Classroom technology consultation and training
  • Administration of online course evaluations